My Etsy Christmas!

I am a serious Etsy addict. It started the year I first opened my photography shop in 2013. I wasn’t very busy and had a lot of free time to browse! Haha! I think every family member got a gift from Etsy that year and I’ve tried to continue the tradition even as my shops have gotten busier.
Want a review of my favorite shops from this season? Good! Here we go!
1. ErinVaughan

The National Parks are a cause that are near and dear to my heart. My family goes to the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota every year for a backpacking trip. Erin represents them beautifully! I buy a calendar for my Dad every year and they never disappoint.
2. Dark Horse Engraving

Dark Horse Engraving was so responsive to my questions! My In-Laws recently moved and my FIL is so, so proud of his bar! We ordered him some coasters personalized with "Waggoner’s Basement Bar."
3. Bottles Uncorked

My MIL loves wine and these windchimes are perfect! We ordered 3 separate colors and they are gorgeous! Bonus? They were shipped beautifully! You have to check out the lanterns too!
How do you like my favorite finds for this year? Who else had some good ones? Leave a link in the comments!

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