Design Ideas for the Kitchen that are Gold

2018 Kitchen Trends

I always feel like getting the house in shape in January. Maybe it’s because it’s so flipping cold outside that we all have cabin fever and I want to see some new surroundings. So I’d love to spend the next few weeks inspiring you with the best trends for 2018 room by room. Let’s start in the kitchen.
Our sad kitchen needs a perk up. We moved in 8 years ago and it has never really been “finished.” These three kitchen trends for 2018 are really inspiring me to jump into that project this weekend!
1. Concrete

Concrete is going to continue to trend in 2018 and these utensil holders from Culinarium are a great way to add some of this trend into your kitchen without committing to the demo of your countertops or flooring.
2. Ultra Violet

Can I go a post without mentioning Ultra Violet? Nope. I can’t. It’s in! This stand mixer is an awesome way to use Ultra Violet in the kitchen! So pretty! You’ll definitely want to give this mixer some permanent counter space.
3. Brass

I would love, love, love these drawer pulls from TheFoundaryMan on some dark navy cabinets (another hot trend right now)! So gorgeous! The shape is so modern too.
Which kitchen trend are you hoping to use this year? Leave a comment below!
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