Valentine's Decor Ideas for Modern Mamas

Heart Home Decor For Haters

I have to admit something. I hate Valentine’s Day. Always have. My husband and I don’t even acknowledge it. Now that we have a toddler, I usually remember we need to get her classmates valentines about 2 days before they have to be sent to school. This forces me to go to an actual store (instead of online shopping) and pick out whatever uncool, weird ones are left in the dollar bin because everyone else has actually prepared and picked up the good ones.
So how does an anti V-day gal show some spirit without wanting to gag every time she sees a heart garland. Check out these finds for Valentine’s Day decor you’ll be able to leave up all year long!
1. Love Pillow

So the big theme is going to be stay away from red and pink. This love pillow from Society 6 fits the bill. The gold, relaxed lettering gives it a modern touch that doesn’t throw Valentine’s Day in your face. You could easily leave it up all year round without a second thought.
2. Greenery Wreath

This boxwood wreath from WhichGoose is so darling! It would look amazing incorporated into a rustic gallery wall or buy multiple and line them vertically in that hard to decorate spot.
3. Watercolor Prints

Ok. I will quit being a grinch for one (and only one) minute. If you are going to do some pink, this heart print from OutsideInArtStudio is the way to go. I actually have this print framed in gold in my little one’s nursery. The watercolor pattern creates a modern vibe. Bonus – It comes in multiple colors.
Alright guys…What do you think? What are you doing to decorate for Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment below!
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