Design Tips for Winter

Three Warm Home Decor Touches for Cold Weather

We are back to snow, snow, snow. I swear I am constantly looking for ways to warm the house up both visually and physically. And constantly wondering how high I can sneak the thermostat up before my husband starts noticing. Here are 3 tips to warm you up right through the end February.

1. Knits Everywhere

Knits automatically warm a space up visually. This knit pouf from Pumpur will be so versatile. It can be moved from room to room and fit in anywhere from the bedroom to the living room to the nursery. Bonus? You can throw it in the washer!
2. Cozy Rugs

This warms up your home visually and physically. This super soft rug from Target has some texture to make your room look cozy plus keep your tootsies warm! I was at Target this morning and made a stop just to check it out because it looked so nice in the photos. Plus it’s available in a bunch of different neutrals.
3. Layer It Up

Layering throw pillows and blankets is another trick to warm a room up. If it looks comfy and cozy, you are on the right track. Adding a warm color, like the yellow from thispillow set by Jilian Rene Decor is the perfect final touch. Plus she’s been featured in Vogue. You know your home decor is on point when Vogue agrees.
That rounds up the list for this week! Do you think those tricks will get you through until spring? Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!
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