Design Ideas for your Bedroom

2018 Bedroom Home Decor Trends

I want to continue my 2018 trends series this week. Let’s talk bedrooms. I really think this is one of the most important rooms. You begin and end your day there. When my bedroom is looking scary I wake up stressed and go to bed stressed. A little bedroom perk up always has me starting and ending my day in a good mood! So let’s look at my top three trends for this year!

1. Wabi Sabi

These gorgeous, hand-dyed linen pillow covers from taftyli fit the Wabi Sabi trend perfectly. If you don’t know what Wabi Sabi is…think of it as being carefully messy. The imperfections are what make this work. The unfussy appearance leaves you at ease and sliding right into bed each night! Add a linen duvet cover and don’t even worry about making the bed…you’ll fit right in for this year!
2. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are luxurious. Want to make them more luxurious? Add some velvet! These curtains from PatternHomes are goregous. Plus they naturally block out most of the light, even unlined. You’ll sleep until noon with these babies!
3. Bold Florals

Big, bold florals are back, Baby! This old school revival has a modern feel with bold colors. Check out this awesomeremovable wallpaper from shopSamanthaSantana.
Alright guys. What’s your favorite bedroom trend? Going to add one into your home this year? Drop a comment and let me know!
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