Top Modern Nursery Trends

2018 Nursery Trends for Modern Mamas

*almost* had a harder time deciding on our nursery theme than I did on my child’s name. Seriously! I had a panic moment one night at the end of my first trimester when I just HAD to decide. The trends this year are so, so cute. It’s going to be even harder to decide for you future Mamas out there!

1. Lavender

It’s no surprise that the Color of the Year is Ultra Violet, but that may be a little over-stimulating for the young ones. A toned-down lavender is a great way to follow the trend and adapt it for a nursery. This monogram from LoveLettersByAnalisa perfectly fits the bill. The roses are fresh in a color other than pink or red and personalized is always in for babies!
2. Letterboards

These are so much fun! This letter board from Letterly Love on Amazon is cute in grey. They do have quite a few other colors available as well! These boards are great to use for montly stat photos as well!
3. Dots, Dots, Dots

I love the controlled chaos of these dot wall sticker decals from UrbanWalls. These decals are long-lasting, but removable! Although I’m not sure why you’d need to remove them, because I can see this working from Nursery to College!
Alright future mamas, what do you think? What trends are you seeing and what are your favorite?!
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