What to get a new mom

The Best Gifts For Brand New Moms

I remember taking hours upon hours when I was pregnant to research *exactly* what I would need for my little one after she was born. I scoured Amazon reviews and poured over every single thing that Target offered for any child under the age of 6. Then the kid is here and she hates everything you picked. If I had to go back and start from scratch, these are the top 4 things I would want as a brand new mama. Forget the diaper genie and pick one of these!
1. Burp Clothes
You can literally never have too many burp clothes. And these from Aden + Anais are the best! They are so, so soft and fit perfectly on your shoulder. They also have a button that lets the double as a bib. Our little one lived in these when she was a drooling and teething 10 month old.

2. Nose Frida
This is where I scare all of the non-parents out there. But hear me out. My husband and I said there was no way we were going to ever use one of these things. No way. No how. Fast forward to baby’s first cold and one trip to Target later we were sucking snot like pros. All it took was half a day of listening to our baby struggling to breath with a nose full of gunk and we caved. Just buy the Nose Frida. Get it over with.

3. Meals
Want to come over and visit the baby? BRING FOOD. Do not forget the food. Think you’ve pack enough food? Nope. Bring more. Bring enough food to last a couple of meals (or days). My parents came to spend a few days with my husband and I after we got home from the hospital and left us enough food to last about it week. It was glorious and we sure missed it when it was gone!
4. Something for Mom
The baby can’t even see 2 feet in front of her face yet and does not need another stuffed animal. Instead bring something to cheer Mom up. There are some serious hormone shifts that leave most moms feeling down and the lack of sleep gets to you before you know it! A gift card for a pedicure, a cute new tote, or a wine tumbler that lets her rock that new-mama status is perfect! This one is from my shop and is perfect for keeping that wine cold after you fall asleep on the couch after dinner (again).

Drop a comment below and let me know what your favorite go-to gift for new moms is! I’d love to add to the list!
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