Fun Ideas for Halloween

What Every Family Needs for Halloween

It’s October! Can you believe it?! Halloween is almost here. Here are some of the best Halloween finds for everyone from Mom to baby! Don’t have time to read or shop right now? Click the photo above to pin it for later!
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1. Grown Up Home Decor
I have always thought Halloween Decor was tricky. Some people really go all out…but it’s hard to find a middle ground that isn’t shoving orange in your face. These velvet pumpkins are perfect! They are great for fall in general…from Halloween through Thanksgiving. And any decor that pulls double duty like that is a win for me! Plus the stems are just so cute (these are made from resin) and the neutral colors mean they will look great in any room in your home. Check out YourHeartsContent on Etsy for a ton of colors!

2. To Up the “Scary” Factor

3. Baby and Toddler Costume
My little one has decided she wants to be a pumpkin this year for Halloween. She was saying a witch for the whole month of September, but her little BFF has decided on pumpkin so magically our little one changed her mind!! And after seeing this pumpkin costume…I am SO glad! Look how cute this is! I’m going to put a long sleeved black shirt and long black leggings underneath for our cold weather.

4. Bigger Kid Costumes
I hope my kiddo lets me pick out her Halloween costume when she’s a little older. How cute is this?! I love A League of Their Own and these Rockford Peaches Costumes are perfect! Throw a little dirt on and hand them some catcher’s mitts and you’re good to go!

5. Costumes for the dog
You can’t leave the dog out! Unicorns are all the rage right now. And your dog is going to be the hit of the party in this unicorn costume!

6. Trick or Treat Bags
These are from my shop!! These bags come in different sizes and can be printed with custom colors to match your kiddos costume! They can also be personalized with a name so you know whose bag is whose next year (AKA no fighting over who gets the purple one and who gets the pink one).

7. Wine Tumbler
Here’s another one from my shop. It perfectly describes me on Halloween night. This is our situation each year – A kid with too much sugar. A dog that won’t stop barking. Running out of candy. So get a glass of wine and trick or treat yourself on Halloween night! Resting witch face and all!

Hey Mamas! What else is on your must-have Halloween list?!? What are your kids going to dress up as? Leave a comment below and let me know!
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