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The Best Gifts for Toddlers

I actually feel like toddlers are kind of hard to shop for. There are so many toys out there! It’s tough to decide what they will actually play with for more than 5 minutes and what would end up in the bottom of the toy bin within the month.
Here are some things that have been a hit in my family!
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We bought this kids camera for my daughter for her 3rd birthday. I actually wasn’t really sure if she would like it, but I am a photographer….so I thought it was cute! Haha. It’s a real digital camera with a zoom function. There are filters and games to play. Although we haven’t shown our little one the games on it yet because she probably has enough devices for that as is. Well, I’ll tell you what…this thing was such a hit! It surprised me! We had the birthday party at a restaurant and Aunt, Grandma, Dad, and myself all had to take turns standing up, putting our arms “like this,” and letting our new little photographer take our photos. It’s definitely a keeper.

This was another purchase that was more for Mom and Dad. Mr. Bucket is definitely a throw back! But LO has been asking to play it every week. My mother even had to get in on the fun!

3. Leapfrog Scribble and Write
We don’t do a lot of writing or tracing with little one and I was feeling a little guilty about that. The Scribble and Write was a fun way to start! There are a few different modes, but Ellie likes to pick a letter, trace it, then watch the animation. It really kept her entertained for quite a while.

4. Easel
My mom got this for our LO for her birthday this year. We are remodeling our basement right now and have less than zero space for storage so this white board/easel was so, so perfect. It’s magnetic. It folds up. It’s dry erase. Ellie likes to erase it by herself. Which is nice because she takes FOREVER to erase the whole thing. AKA: Mama gets a few more minutes to work, or clean, or do whatever.

5. Table and Chairs
We’ve always had a bar height table in our kitchen. So Ellie has been in a high chair up until this week. We got a new table and got rid of the high chair. The problem? The new table is nice and a no-playdough-zone! So we are getting Ellie this table and chair set for Christmas. She has a little one just for her at my mom’s house and really love it. She even makes grandpa sit with her in the little chairs! Haha. So she’s going to be so excited to have this one just for her at our house too!

6. Play Tent
We got Ellie a Minnie Mouse tent for her birthday last year. It was cute. But it started falling apart in just a couple of weeks! Ugh. So we need a new one. And since we just remodeled our basement….I don’t want anything that scream PINK! This one is going to fit the bill for Christmas this year! So excited!

7. Vet Play Set
Ellie loves animals of all kinds. And now she can be their doctor too! Our dog *really* loves it! Or maybe not… Did you spot the best part yet?!? This Vet Play Kit includes a “cone of shame” for the doggies who just can’t leave their newly placed stitches alone!

8. Play-Dough
So I know I talked about our No-PlayDough-Zone earlier, but it really is one of the only things that can hold Ellie’s attention for an hour at a time! Ellie has had this set for a year or so, but she still really loves it. The pizza cutter is fun. And the scissors are a great way to practice without worrying about using actual scissors! Haha.

9. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
I mean…can you really have a childhood without having a Little Tikes Car? No. The answer is No. You cannot. Ellie can power this thing by herself much, much better than her bike. She also likes to get pushed a max speed, flying down our driveway. So good for daredevils and cruisers alike.

10. Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart
This little ice cream cart is super versatile! It works on numbers and colors. And is super fun. Ellie loves to make ice cream for us. The scooper actually recognizes what color of ice cream and toppings you are picking up. And asks you to make certain combination for certain animals. It really is fun!

What are your top toys for toddlers?!? Is there anything else you would add to this list? I have a few more gifts on my list for this year and need a couple of more suggestions from you!
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