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I decided the other night while putting out little one to bed, that I needed to make a list of the best books for toddlers.  She has a book that my husband and I both hate. I won’t name any names…but we hate it. And guess what? She absolutely loves it. Picks it out every single night to read before bed. As I was reading that book for like the 100th time tonight, I started thinking that I need to do a blog post on our favorite books! These are all books that I could read a million times and not get tired of! Stick to this list so you don’t make choices you regret like we did!  Keep reading for the best books for toddlers!
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I always, always, always try to get my little one to pick out this book at bedtime. It’s so cute! It’s joyful! Each animal has its own special way of saying good night. It has such a sweet little rhythm to it that is perfectly calming for bedtime. And the illustrations are adorable.

This is my go to gift for new or expecting mamas! I got this book as a gift at my baby shower. It was one of the first books we read to Baby E and 3 years later we are still enjoying it every week! It’s a gorgeous story with a wonderful message that makes me smile every time we read it!

This book has a soft spot in my heart. I’m a jeep girl. And the story of this Jeep (while tragic…you’ll see), is unbelievably catchy. My little one likes to look at all the different sheep to see what they are doing in each photo. She even has her favorites on each page.

Dear Zoo is another book that has been in the rotation for quite a few years in our house. As a one year old, our little one loved to lift the flaps. And now that she’s a little older, she likes to guess what’s under each page and read along with me.

Can we consider this book a classic? I know it’s been around forever. And maybe that’s why I never get tired of reading it! It is a little nostalgic for me. The pages are colorful and it’s easy for kiddos of all ages to understand and follow along.

The Pout Pout Fish is adorable. It’s repetitive, but in the good way that makes it fun to read and not the bad way that makes you want to throw it out the window. And, despite the name, there is actually a happy ending!

This book is a great story that feels a little adventurous! You’ll get to explore the depths of the whole world to find how much Mama (or Dada) bear loves her cub. I love this book so much that every day I ask my little one if she knows how much I love her and her answer is always, “as big as the whole world.”

We have so, so, so many of Sandra Boynton’s books. A list of the best books for toddlers would not be complete with her on the list.  Her stories are humorous and well written. Her illustrations are adorable. I could have added 10 of her books to this list! But I thought I would pick my three favorites to share with you instead.  The Going to Bed Book was the first book by Sandra Boynton that we bought. It definitely got us hooked! The characters are my favorite of any book! They are so cute. My little one likes to see what funny jammies they have on. The rhythm of it is so perfect for bedtime. It was even one of the first books that my little one was able to “read” back to us or memorize.


But Not the Hippopotamus is another favorite! You and the kiddos will go through a whole range of emotions with Hippo. Empathy to celebration! The book even has a little cliffhanger at the end. Which is why you need to see what’s next on my list…


Then you need But Not the Armadillo too! If the end of the hippo book has you feeling a little sorry for this particular character, then make sure to read this follow up! It flips the ending of the first book and has you feeling happy for the poor, lonely armadillo!


Those are my favorites! I’m telling you that you will not get tired of reading these books every night. Are there any others that you would add to the list of best books for toddlers? I’d love to hear about them! Drop a comment below!
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