How to Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink

How to Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink

This will be my last post in my bathroom organization series. I hope you’ve gotten some great tips to get you on the road to your dream bathroom! If you haven’t read the other posts in this series, make sure to check them out! There are some super great tips that are so easy to maintain! Seriously…if I can do it then you can too!
Organizing under the sink was the one area that I was most worried about. But, honestly? It was the easiest out of all 5 days in my challenge! And it was the most fun! Want to see the final results? Keep scrolling!

I don’t think I’ve ever had my bathroom sink looking so good! The best part is that it’s been about 6 months since this challenge and it still looks like this! So, so easy to maintain. I promise if I can do it, you can do it too!
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1. Declutter
If you’ve read my other organizing blog posts, then you knew this step was going to be first. I encourage you to be super honest about what you can throw away or donate. I tend to keep stuff that I don’t need. So this is your chance to get rid of everything! Be super honest, please! It will make life so much easier in the next steps.
2. Use more Vertical Space
This is what really, really made the difference for me! It’s my goal in every organization project, but worked really well here! These shelves helped me double my storage space without having to stack stuff all over the place. I ordered one for each side of my sink. This one holds makeup bags inside. It’s also super stable to stack heavier stuff like lotion on top.

The shelf on the other side of my sink was perfect to store hair products and headbands that don’t fit in my drawers next to my sink. The shelves come with a divider that you can remove if you want. It’s perfect for me here, but I removed it on the other side of my sink.

Full sized hair products sit on the top of the shelf easily. There is even enough room for a couple more drawer organizers on top! I have two for stuff like hand sanitizer and other small random stuff like my watch charger. It may seem like it’s not necessary to have the plastic bins, but honestly that’s the ticket for maintaining with me! When you have a designated “home” for everything, you won’t try to fill that area with other stuff that you should probably just get rid of.

I also have some of these stackable drawers that I keep perfume, hand lotion, and medicine in. It’s easy to see what’s in each drawer when you don’t overstuff it! Which was my problem prior to organizing everything.

3. More Underutilized Space
This is my absolute favorite organization hack from this entire challenge! It took me a little while to find the perfect container, but this one is awesome! I used command strips (click the link for the ones that fit inside the basket) to hold the basket instead of the suction cups it came with. I store my face products and contact solution in there. It’s been awesome to get all of this stuff off of my counter! It makes the whole bathroom look nicer to have clean counters. And even though I store heavy stuff in there, it’s held up perfectly for months!

What do you guys think? I’ve done spurts of organizing in this area so many times that I can’t count. And I’ve never maintained it…until now! When everything has a place it’s so much easier.
I have a few more little tricks for under the sink (and everywhere else in the bathroom) in my full challenge! If you thought this post was helpful, you are absolutely going to LOVE my full 5 day workbook. It takes 10-20 minutes a day and organizes every single space in your bathroom. Shower. Under the sink. Drawers. Counters. Closet. I have some absolutely great finds that really make organizing (and staying organized) easy.
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