At home Spa Day Ideas

How to Make the Perfect at Home Spa

I’ve recently been getting a little more help in the shop and have enjoyed a little free time so, so much! I took a bath with an amazing bath bomb two nights ago and started thinking about how long it had been! So that had me thinking of ways to sneak in a little more self-care each week. I feel like self-care has such a different meaning for everyone. I’ve read blog posts about how taking a bath or treating yourself to something isn’t self care. My feelings are that self-care is going to look different for everyone. And hey…moms shouldn’t judge other moms. So I got a list together of easy ways to bring a spa-type atmosphere to your home so you can sneak a little self care into each week!
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I always felt kind of awkward in our tub until I got one of these bath pillows. I’m too short and couldn’t reach the end of the tub! This has really helped. And it’s a lot more comfortable for my head and neck too!

Not only does this botanical mix look beautiful, but doesn’t it sound like it will smell amazing too? Just put 1-2 tablespoons into 2 cups of boiling water. I’m a sucker for anything citrus! Austere Botanicals has a ton of cute and delicious sounding options if you are looking to treat yourself!

3. Make Spa Water
One of my favorite parts when I go into the spa (besides…you know…the actual spa treatment) is relaxing before my scheduled time with spa water! My salon usually has lemon with cucumber. But you can really make quite a few different versions of this! Watermelon/Mint or Orange/Blueberry both sound so good! This would be a great idea for when you have just a few minutes of quiet time out on the back deck in the summer.

This is the bath bomb that that got me thinking so much about how much I needed to add self care into my life! I’ve featured The Black Sheep Soap Co on my blog before and I probably will again. These things are amazing! I used one two days ago and my skin is still so soft! This one is orange and vanilla. But they have a ton more options as well.

I normally use wax melts instead of candles around the house because…toddlers. But having a special candle for at home spa days, baths, or just to perk you up in the morning when you’re getting ready is such a great idea! This brand has amazing reviews on all of their candles and a ton of scent options. It’s in my cart as we speak!

6. DIY Foot Soak
I don’t have a lot of DIY options on this list because who in the world has the time for some of the stuff you find on Pinterest!? I barely have enough time to make a meal some nights, so I definitely can’t do a DIY spa recipe with more ingredients than my normal dinners. This one though….is so easy I couldn’t NOT include it! Click the link and scroll down a bit for the recipe.

A Lush face mask is for sure a treat for me! And this oat mask looks perfect! I don’t make it into the store very often, so when I make a special trip it brightens my day! I’ve used their Cupcake Face Mask before and really enjoyed it. But I think I need to try some new ones!

How luxurious is this Rose Water Spray?!? This would be a great way to do a little pick-me-up when you are super short on time!

This is the deep conditioner that I use. I buy a few of these and put them in a pump bottle to keep in my shower. I’m picky about my conditioners and this has worked so well for me using once a week or so when my hair gets really dry.

What are you going to pick first to try? Do you have any other suggestions for easy spa days? I’d love to hear them!
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