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The Ultimate List of Gifts for Busy Moms

Every busy mom loves gifts that make her life easier! Take it from me…a full time job, a busy Etsy shop, a toddler, a husband, a house. I appreciate every little thing that saves my time and makes my life easier! This is the ultimate list of gifts that every busy mom will love!


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I use this thing for everything. Checking the weather. Playing music. Listening to podcasts. It tells me when we have a package delivered. It reminds me to get the laundry out of the washer. I don’t know what I would do without it. We have one in the living room, in the basement, in my office, in our bathroom, in our guest bathroom. And the new colors work for any home. We have quite a few different colors, but I really love this modern grey.

Amazon Echo

2. Water Bottle
It’s super easy when you are busy to forget about taking care of yourself. And staying hydrated is especially easy to forget. I love these Simple Modern water bottles for a couple of reasons. They keep water really cold. And they have such cute color options. I always love their ombre designs!  Another great option is the Hidrate 3 Spark.  It’s a smart water bottle that keep tracks of how many ounces of water you drink per day.  I recently purchased one for my mom who was trying to drink more water every day.  She loves it and has been meeting her water goals every day!

I started using Power Sheets this year and it has been amazing at keeping my goals on track! The book walks you through creating goals and deciding what is going to be important to you in the next year. Then each month has space to list what you want to work on and track if you are accomplishing your goals. There are also quarterly check-ins. This isn’t a monthly planner to list appointments and tasks, but will keep you thinking about what is most important each day!

So this gift has to be a two parter. This spa gift basket is gorgeous and has been a best seller on Etsy for as long as I can remember. And for good reason. It’s gorgeous and those delicious scent options! The second part of this gift has to be a few hours for Mom to actually USE this gift. Take the kids out of the house for a few hours with strict instructions for mom to relax!

My husband and I both really hate meal planning. It either takes too long or we feel like we’re eating the same recipes week after week. I know I would be thrilled to get a few weeks worth of meals sent to me! Hello Fresh is super popular has a ton of meal options! Use this link for $40 off your first order!

So I am not a big hair stylist. My day job is as a home health physical therapist. I wear my hair in a pony almost every day because I need it out of my way when I’m working with patients. But my hair dryer crapped out a few months ago so I upgraded to the Revlon Dryer and Volumizer and I LOVE it! It drys my hair so quickly and has really cut down on frizz too!

My husband and I treated ourselves to one of these last year. We have someone who comes and cleans for us every month, but we also have a dog and a 3 year old. So dog hair and crumbs. All of the crumbs. So this Roomba has been great for touch ups in between. We named him Yoshi because it eats everything up. (Blame my husband for that extra level of geekery.) It connects to your phone and sends you alerts which is super convenient. It also learns about your house! The first time we ran Yoshi, it got maybe 1 room halfway done. Within a few more runs, it was covering every square inch of our main level. We even moved the home base to another location at one point in time, at it took only a run or two for it to figure out what happened. And it passes the test for picking up all of our dog hair!

This coffee maker makes cold brew in 5 minutes!  Any busy mom knows how tough mornings can be, so a coffee maker that can get you your caffeine in just a few minutes is worth it’s weight in gold!
Any other mom hacks or devices that you just couldn’t live without? Leave them in the comments!


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