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How to Turn your Shower into an Oasis

Every mom knows that me-time is pretty limited. For me, the shower is *usually* a quiet place where my kiddo doesn’t find me. Whether you have 5 minutes of quiet or your kiddo is barging in asking for a snack every two minutes, turning your shower into a spa escape will cheer you up every day! Here are some tips on how to do it.

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A plush, thick towel really is a great place to start. We have a huge mix of old and new towels in our bathroom from a couple of redecorating phases. My favorite are Target’s Fieldcrest Spa towels! Super soft and great quality!

There are a ton of ways to incorporate some plant life into your shower! The easiest way for black thumbs like me is to hang a eucalyptus bundle from your shower head! The steam from the shower will release a gorgeous, relaxing scent. Check out FromTheGardenWhsle for a bundle that can be shipped right to you. You can also get some at many local flower shops and nurseries. You can also use air plants, ferns, orchids, and other humidity loving plants directly in the shower! How fun is that?!? There are plenty of varieties that don’t need a lot of sunlight. You can even get a couple and rotate them from the window to the shower and back to keep them happy.

Music has always been super calming to me. So I love these speakers for the shower! They charge by through USB and last quite a few hours. And the sound is actually ok for a tiny little speaker. You can play calming music, listen to an audiobook, or listen to an interesting podcast. You could even play some beach or ocean sounds or spa music! And this rose gold color is super cute!

These bottles from my shop declutter and refresh your whole shower in just a few minutes. The clean look really helps you feeling like you’re in a spa at a gorgeous hotel. Click here and scroll through the photos for a before and after!

I am absolutely in love with these shower steamers! It’s like a bath bomb for your shower. You hop in and set the steamer out of the direct line of the shower spray. Then the whole shower fills up with scent. My favorite scent is this lemon/citrus blend! I love the scent of lemon, especially in the morning to wake me up. I think I’ve bought just about every lemon shower steamer on Etsy because they are hard to get *just right* as far as the strength of the scent. If you want a strong scent, this shower steamer is the BEST on Etsy for sure!

These are so, so cool! This bath mat looks like pebbles, but is actually made of felt! So you get the spa look, but soft and comfy feet! You can even choose from a few different colors!

Hopefully this list gave you some great ideas to turn every morning shower into a mini spa trip! Is there any other thing you have that makes your shower like an oasis? Leave it in the comments!


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