Gifts for Moms who aren't afraid to curse

Gifts for Moms that aren’t Afraid to Curse

Was your kid’s first word more of the explicit variety? Mama, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the best list of gifts for moms whose language is on the colorful side.

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1. F*ckity Shirt

Let’s start this list out with a bang! If you’re going to wear a shirt with the F-word, the shirt might as well say it frequently and be really pretty in the process. This shirt from AllinThePrint hits both checkmarks. Plus Bella Canvas shirts are SO soft that you’ll never want to change.

2. Coffee Tumbler

Coffee to make you happy-ish and a tumbler to remind you not to sweat the small stuff. Long line at drop off? Diaper blow out? Ran out of wine? Fuck this shit. Can’t find your tumbler? Fuck this…wait. Actually just going buy this tumbler from ByTracey.

3. House Rules Sign

I feel like my kid needs a reminder every 3 seconds. Cover all of your house rules in one sign because it all boils down to this list. Don’t break shit. Don’t fight. Clean up. Don’t act like a turd. Hang this sign somewhere they’ll see it every day!

4. Shit To Do List

You all know that moms just get shit done. So make a list of shit you gotta do today! I’m all about writing to do lists and this one is so fun that you’ll want to cross stuff off all day!

5. Mother of the Year Mug

Give your mom the official Mother of the Year Award. She’ll be able to sip her coffee every morning from this mug and remember that you think she’s the shit.

6. Swear Jar

Maybe your potty mouth has worn off on your kids. Maybe it’s for you…? Either way, this swear jar will help curb that habit if you’re trying to quit.

7. Badass Necklace

So maybe Mom has a hard timing remembering that she’s a badass between wiping butts and the never ending pile of laundry. This necklace is something she can wear every day to remind her to keep that badass mom shit going!

8. I Love You Candle

There’s no better way to tell your mom you love her. This candle will be her pride and joy!

So these gifts definitely aren’t for every mom. But if you have a sweary mom, these are going to be her jam. Know a sweary mom? Make sure to share!
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