Wine Cocktails that Every Mom will Love

Wine Cocktails

What does mom really want for Mother’s Day? Wine cocktails that can take her from brunch to dinner! And peace and quiet. But the wine cocktails might be easier. Keep reading for a list of amazing drink recipes that mom will LOVE!

1. Frozen Rose – This frozen recipe sounds so refreshing with fresh strawberries and a touch of fresh lemon juice!

2. Red Wine Berry Spritzer – Is mom always sipping on a glass of La Croix? She’s going to love this super easy spritzer!

3. Blackberry Merlot Slushies – If mom is more of a red wine drink these are the way to go.

4. Champagne Margarita – This is the one that might make the list in our house for Mother’s Day. Champagne? Yes please! Margaritas? Even better!

5. Red Wine Margarita – I can’t leave the red wine lovers out of this margarita trend! Check out this recipe!

6. Rose Margarita – Just because I might as well round out the list. Someone has to try all three and let me know which recipe wins!

7. White Wine Sangria – This recipe puts a spin on any of the Sangrias I’ve ever had with rhubarb! How perfect for spring!

Let me know what your favorite recipe is in the comments! And if you’re needing a fun custom glass to hold all of these amazing drinks, make sure to check out Heartland Lettering’s wine tumblers here!

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