Gifts For Stressed Moms

The Best Gifts for Stressed Moms

Got a mom that’s always stressed out?  Raising kids is hard work!  Check out these gifts that will help her destress!

1. Spa Day

You can’t go wrong with this!  Find a spa, book a full day of treatments, and take care of the kids!  Want some extra credit?  Book her a night in a hotel afterwards.  Then she gets to destress and sleep in.  Can’t beat that!

2. DIY Spa Day

Ok.  Maybe monthly days at the spa aren’t in the budget.  Most moms will be just as happy with some DIY spa items and a full day at home alone in the peace and quiet.  Get a bath bomb, foot scrub, and face mask.  (Click the links for some of  my favorites!)  Turn on some relaxing music (I like ocean sounds on the Alexa) and get the kids out of the house for the day.  Mom can throw her feet up, turn on some guilty pleasure TV, and do a little self-pampering!

Gifts For Stressed Out Moms - Strawberry Bath Bombs

3. Coloring Book Set

Some days, you just can get the peace and quiet that you’re after.  Coloring books are a great way to relieve some stress on those days!  My little one can sit and color for a good 5-10 minutes on most days.  Instead of scrolling on my phone or doing dishes, I like to get a little stress relief in and color with her.  She’s happy because I’m playing with her and I’m happy because I get to do something that’s a little engaging for me too!

4. Lavender

Lavender definitely is known for it’s calming effects.  This room spray is a great way to reduce stress and calm down.  It’s great for bedtime!

5. Essential Oils

I’m actually not big on essential oils in general, but I love them for sleep and stress relief!  The calming scents really help me to focus on deep breathing and relaxing.  This blend helps to ease anxiety!  Just roll on some trigger points!

6. Sleep

Not going to lie…I’m the happiest and least stressed when I get a little (or a lot of) extra sleep.  It’s a cheap gift that will go a long way for calming Mom’s anxiety.  A morning to sleep in, a weekend afternoon to nap, or a night away at a hotel.   I promise Mom won’t be picky.

What is your mom’s favorite form of stress relief?  Leave a comment and let me know!



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