My Favorite 2019 Prime Day Deals

It’s here!  Check out my favorite prime day deals today! Click on the photos for a link to each item!

PS.  This post contains affiliate links.  You don’t pay any extra but I get a small percentage.  It helps keep this blogger running….which takes a lot of caffeine!


We have an Dot or an Echo in almost every single room in our house.  We play music throughout the entire house, we drop in and talk to each other instead of yelling across the house.  I set timers so I don’t forget the laundry again.  These things are really amazing!


We have this iRobot vacuum and love it!  It works soooo much better than we thought it would.  Plus we tell our little one that it will eat her toys if she doesn’t clean up.  So anytime we turn it on, we all run around the house and pick junk up off the floor!

Don’t have an instant pot yet?  Today is the best day to jump on the bandwagon.  This thing cooks frozen chicken breasts super fast for those days when you get home late and have nothing defrosted!

I love this little noise machine so much.  We’ve had this one since the very first day that our kiddo slept in her own room at 6 months.  And she still loves it at almost 4!  It’s a night light and noise machine with a ton of different sounds.  It has a timer or will run all night.  And it’s so cute!  It even projects stars and a moon on the ceiling!

Our Ring doorbell has really been a game changer.  If you are interested in Amazon Prime Day, you probably get a lot of stuff delivered to your house like I do.  I live for online shopping and not having to go into a real store as much as possible!  So this thing is awesome and was easy to install!


We don’t actually have this bike yet, but I have heard SOOO many good reviews!  We are going to buy it today and save it for a birthday or Christmas gift!  They hop on the bike and ride to play games.  My husband and I have a Peloton and this bike is super popular with a lot of other parents because the kids can ride and exercise too!

We got this wagon as a gift from my in-laws and use it all the time!  It has a ton of room and the canopy is great for hot days!

I don’t know if I’ve ever met a baby or toddler who hasn’t liked this sit-to-stand toy.  It has so much to do!  If you have some younger babies or know someone who does…this is a great buy!

If you still have some traveling left to do this summer, these water coloring books are great.  Fill the pen up with a little water and it’s like a no-mess marker that kept our little one entertained for hours on her first flight!

We love our Kids Fire Tablet!  Some people opt for ipads instead, but want to know what really drove us to choose the Fire?  They give you a replacement for FREE if it ever gets broken!  Kids are rough on stuff and we loved that replacement guarantee!

Have you found any other Prime Day deals?!?  Share them in the comments!!

Happy Shopping!



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