Back to School 2020

Back to School 2020

Well, Mamas.  Back to school time is here.  Whether we want it to be or not.  So let’s get prepped for back to school 2020 style with some products that will make it easier for you and the kiddos.

Get Organized

This is important whether you’re in school or at home!  Here are some things to keep you organized for going back to school in 2020.

First make sure you can keep your dates organized.  This dry erase calendar for the fridge has been so helpful for our family!  Add events, meal plans, and chores then erase and start fresh next week.  This would be great for kids to keep track of homework assignments too!

I also find it super helpful to label everything!  It works for keeping all of the school supplies organized!  If you’re sending your kid to school or if you just need to keep supplies for your kids at home in the right place.  Check out my decals here.

For The Kids

My little one is definitely feeling the effects of not really getting back to normal yet.  I’ve been treating her to little surprises and fun, colorful treats!

Tie Dye Kids Sweatshirt

Like this super cute tie dye sweatshirt from MaxAndEv on Etsy.  Super trendy and sweet.  It’s going to be perfect for fall.  And it’s so cheerful!

And the Brave Buttons from Vellamaes below are so amazing too!  My LO gets nervous meeting new people in person…but she gets nervous on Zoom too!  These little buttons would be so, so easy for her to hold while on video.

Brave Button for Kids

And I love making everyday items more fun too.  My LO has actually been excited to wear her mask when she’s out and about as long as it’s cute!  And there are a ton of options out there to choose from!  I’m loving this tie dye set for kids, but check out these floral versions too!

Then what kid doesn’t like personalized gear?!  These pencils are adorable!  Super fun for kids to have their name on their gear and it will help you keep track of  everything!

For Teachers

Teachers are going to have it tough going back to school this year whether they are all virtual or in person.  Here are some great teacher gifts perfect for 2020!

These Because Students tumblers from my shop are always popular for teacher gifts!  And they definitely deserve an extra cold glass of wine this year after all of those long weeks and long zoom meetings!

I don’t know any teachers out there who couldn’t use another shirt to keep comfy while teaching their butt off.  This shirt from MyCustomTees on Etsy is so cute and would keep any teacher motivated!

Teacher Tshirt

For You

You gotta keep motivated too!  This pandemic “new normal” thing isn’t for the faint of heart.  I’ve been noticing myself go through cycles of burnout and am definitely working on treating myself more often to keep that fatigue low.

I’ve done two really fun subscriptions that give me something to look forward to.  The first is FabFitFun.  This is one of the best subscriptions boxes I’ve done.  They also include fun and beautiful, full size products.  Click here for a free gift in your first box!

The other subscription that I’ve started and have decided I am never giving up is a meal delivery service!  We started using Home Chef a few months ago and have loved every meal!  They have a ton of choices.  Some are even oven ready!  I’ve found the cooking part of each meal to actually be fun again when I don’t have to find the recipes and prep too!  Click here for $35 off your first order.

Now I want to hear from you!  Tell me in the comments what you’re doing to stay organized and treat yourself for going back to school in 2020!


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