Supply List

The Essentials:

Under the Sink – 

These cabinet organizers are  perfect for under the sink.  The drawers (with a helpful divider) keep loose things organized and contained and the shelves adds some extra usable space to stack hairspray, etc.  I ordered two for my sink and one for my husband’s.

This is one of my favorite parts of my entire challenge.  Have a bunch of crap on your counter?  Contact solution, face wash, toner?  This caddy is going to go under your sink on the cabinet door!  Everything in there is really easy to reach!  It’s my favorite hack!  Don’t forget to pick up some command hooks too!

The Closet – 

These fabric bins took a lot of Amazon searching.  I wanted to find you guys something cute and modern, but not nautical.  It was tough!  But these fabric bins were worth the search!  The leather handles make them look super luxe.  The bottoms are not supported, but I cut up the cardboard box that the cabinet organizers came in and it fit perfectly!  It’s not needed if you are using these to store something light like towels, but I ordered two to store “extras” in.  I tend to order extra toiletries since I shop online so I don’t run out.  The contact solution and toothpaste got a little heavy without that extra cardboard support.

You’ll want to check the measurements of your closet for this one, but this little wheeled cart was perfect for under my closet shelves!  I’m using it to store extra shampoo and heavier odds and ends that I don’t want to keep on the taller closet shelves.  It really maximizes the space vertically!

The Drawers – 

I ordered a three part organizer for one drawer and a couple of longer, slim organizers for my makeup.

The Extras:

Use bobby pins?  I *rarely* use them!  So when I do need one…I can never find them!  I buy more.  Then don’t use them.  Then lose them again!  These magnets are perfect to store your bobby pins and even a few extras like tweezers.

This over the door shoe organizer a perfect addition to your closet door for your hair dryer, curling irons, and other random things that are hard to coral under the sink!  Only $10 for a pack of two!

These storage bins are a soft plastic, so I wouldn’t trust them to hold anything really heavy.  But they are perfect for cotton balls, Q-tips, a first aid kit, etc.

For heavier storage bins, I’m using these.  Perfect for nail polish and heavier items like that!

And there is your full supply list!  Get your orders in then watch your inbox for Day 1 of the challenge tomorrow!  Or you can jump ahead by click Day 1 below.