Day  1

I am so excited that you are joining me for this challenge!  I am always happier and less stressed when my home is organized and clean.  Obviously you feel the same way!  I tried to make this process as easy (and as quick) as possible!  I hope you end up enjoying the results as much as I am!  Every time I walk into my bathroom I feel so happy and calm.  In 5 days, you will too!  Now let’s get started!

Throw Stuff Away

So day 1 may not sound like a lot of fun.  But this is always where I feel the most productive!  All you have to do today is get rid of everything you aren’t really using.  Be very serious with yourself here.  I’m terrible about keeping stuff that I might use someday.  Let’s be honest…if you haven’t found time to do your nails in 6 months…throw that manicure kit away.  Got some lotion last Christmas that just isn’t your favorite scent?  You aren’t going to use it.  Get rid of it.  Have 15 tubes of lipstick, but only use 2?  Throw away half of them.

Don’t let this take you a long time either.  Set a timer for 20 minutes and throw away or recycle as much as you can.  Don’t overthink it.  Just go with your gut.

I promise you will feel better after 20 minutes.  Don’t have 20 minutes today?  Don’t let that stop you!  Do 15!  Do 10!  Do what you can!  This step really sets you up for success in the next 4 days.  It’s so much easier to organize when you have more room and less junk!  So just get done what you can!

Get this done and join me with the Day 2 tomorrow.