Day  2

I hope day 1 went well!  Don’t you feel better after a good junk purge?  Today we’re moving on to the next step and getting some actual organizing done!


Let’s do the drawers in your sink.  You probably only have a few.  And you threw away everything you don’t use on day 1, right?  So today should only take 10 minutes or so.

Here’s how I did mine.

Step 1:  Empty everything out and clean the drawer.  I just used water and a cleaning cloth.

Step 2:  Throw some plastic bins into the drawers.  I used these long drawers for my makeup.  I sorted makeup I use every day in one bin and the rest into the other.  I had some room in the back of the drawer for stuff I rarely use but wanted to keep.

I used this 3 part drawer organizer for the other side.  Perfect for corralling hair ties and chapstick.  And enough room for storing stuff on the other side.

Step 3:  Ready for the last step?!?  I added some sticky magets to one side of the drawer to organize bobby pins.  They worked for tweezers too!

That’s it for day two, guys!  Wasn’t that easy?  I finished my drawers a few weeks ago and it’s been so nice not having to dig to the bottom of my makeup drawer every morning.  Plus the bins really make it easy to maintain!

Stay tuned for the Day 3 email tomorrow!