Day  3

How did day two go?  I like to start with an easy step to get my confidence up!  But today…today we are going for the good stuff.  Ready to organize under your sink?  Keep reading!

Under the Sink

Since you threw away everything you don’t need on Day 1, today shouldn’t be too bad!  Under the sink has always been a catch all for me.  Hair products, extra shampoo, jewelry…everything.  I found quite a few products that make this area so much better!

Step 1:  Empty everything out from under the sink.  Again, you should have thrown stuff away on day 1.  If you didn’t complete the Day 1 “demo day,” make sure you do that now.  Throw stuff away that you haven’t used in 6-12 months.  

Step 2:  These drawer/shelf units ended up being absolutely perfect to organize under the sink!  They even have a drawer divider to separate small toiletries, etc.  I love that they incorporate a shelf so you really gain some extra useful space vertically!

I have the one shown below where I keep lotion, etc.  I store makeup bags and travel accessories in the drawer.  I have another shelf unit on the left side of my cabinet.  I store more hair and face products in the drawer and keep taller supplies on the top like hair spray.

Step 3:  I already had some stackable drawers like the ones shown below.  I didn’t have a lot of stuff to keep in there so they aren’t necessary if you have enough storage space already.  I put things I don’t use every single day in there like my extra contacts and perfume.

I also used my long storage bins on top of the storage bin on the other side to hold a few things like my watch charger and hand sanitizer (which is another thing I can never find when I need).

Step 4:  This cabinet door hack is my FAVORITE thing about this challenge.  It let me clear so much stuff off my counters!  That makes everything look so much cleaner.  It took me a while, but I found the perfect supplies for this.  I used this shower caddy by taking the suction cups off and connecting it to my cabinet door with command hooks.  The hooks fit perfectly into the caddy and are really easy to apply.  They’ve held some heavy stuff like my contact solution and face wash/skin care for months without moving or falling.  I really, really love this part of the challenge!

This should all take about 15-20 minutes!  The cabinet door trick seriously makes me so happy!  How easy is that?  I’ve always hated having a bunch of junk on my counters and this works absolutely perfectly!  I hope you love it too.