Day  4

I really hope you loved day 3 as much as I did!  Today is all about another bathroom hot spot.  The closet!  After having my baby a few years ago, stuff just got thrown in there.  We still had old plastic storage containers from college.  This challenge has given my old closet a new (and beautiful) life!  And MONTHS later, it is still looking perfect!

The Closet

Step 1:  Empty everything out from the closet for a fresh start.  If you didn’t do the Day 1 “Demo Day,” I’ll stress this again.  Throw stuff out.  If you haven’t used it in the last 6-12 months be really honest with yourself and throw it out.  It makes the whole process so much easier and really takes a weight off your shoulders.

Step 2: I started with these fabric bins by putting some cardboard in the bottom to make them sturdier.  The cardboard from the under the sink drawers was the perfect size!  I used one for hand towels and one for “extras” like contact solution and toothpaste.  I shop online so I usually have backups of a lot of my products and this makes it super easy to see what I have on hand.

Step 3:  I used this over the door shoe rack to hold my hair dryer and curling irons!  Gets them out of the way and keeps the cords from tangling!

Step 4:  I used these plastic bins and made labels to hold travel supplies, first aid supplies, and “spa” supplies like bath bombs, etc.  It’s all about the easiest way to find stuff in the closet and these bins look nice and separate things well.

If you’re looking for some labels, make sure to check out this listing in my Etsy shop for custom decals!

Step 5:  These little containers are cute and were a perfect way to store Q-tips and still make the closet look clean and pretty.  You can see mine below.  It’s small, but looks nice.  I used the bottom one without the lid to hold cotton face wipes on the counter.  You’ll see that tomorrow!  You can also see one of the bins I got in this set of storage containers.  I used these for organizing the shower area as well.  They are made of a soft material (not a hard acrylic), so you can’t store anything super heavy in them.  But they are super cute and different sizes are really helpful!

Step 6:  The floor!  This little shelf is perfect to hold some heavier items like shampoo and conditioner.  The price was great too!

That takes care of the closet!

Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge.  Congrats if you’ve been following along this far!  We’ll finish up with the shower and the counters.

See you on day 5!