Day  5

Last day!  If you’ve been following along, then you are 15 minutes away from an organized bathroom!  Today is an easy day!  Let’s take a look at the shower and counters.

The Shower

This one is pretty easy.  My biggest organization issue in the shower is always just having too much stuff in there.  For this project, I even got rid of the shower caddy I had!  It just let me clutter up more stuff that I didn’t use!

I also finally put some labeled bottles in there!  I have sold THOUSANDS of these in my Etsy shop!  They are hands down the easiest way to organize your shower.

I also picked up a few things for the counters.  This tiered tray is super pretty.  I am storing some hand lotion, cotton rounds, and my glasses on it.  This particular one is available any longer, but click here to see one that I love even more.

And I used the bottom part of this container to put on the tray and store cotton rounds in.  Makes them very accessible, but still look pretty.

And that ends the challenge!  Today should take you just a couple of minutes and your bathroom should be finished!

I really, really hope you enjoyed this challenge.  Thanks so much for signing up and participating.  I’d love to see some photos of your new bathrooms.  Tag them #HeartlandLettering on Instagram if you want to show off! 

I want to give you a coupon for signing it up and making it through the end!  Use code BATHROOMCHALLENGE20 at checkout for 20% off shampoo bottle sets or decals.  Click here to start shopping!

Thanks all!  Happy organizing!