Bathroom Organization Challenge

If you are anything like me, your bathroom was organized once. 

For 3 days.

Then life happened. For me… a baby happened. Now she’s 3 years old and my bathroom has accumulated so much crap that I can’t ever find a band aid for my toddler when she has a fake injury that can only be healed through the magic powers of a Trolls band aid. 

If your bathroom could use a little organizing, I’d love to help! My bathroom organization challenge is a 5-day challenge that organizes everything in your bathroom. 

Closet. Under the sink. Shower. Drawers. Top to bottom!

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get an email with the supply list and links to each day of the challenge. Mark your start date down on the calendar and you’re ready to go!

Sound good?! Let’s get started!  Click here to sign up and get the checklist right away!