Best Holiday Coffee Recipes

I am obsessed with iced coffee.  So today I am rounding up the best of the best iced coffee recipes to get you through the holiday season. 


  1. This adult iced coffee with Bailey's sound perfect for Christmas morning.
  2. For another adult alternative, try this Rumchata Iced Latte.
  3. This Peppermint Frappe is half coffee and half dessert.  But hey, it's the holidays.  If you can't have ice cream in your coffee then when can you?
  4. Not ready to add the ice cream to your morning coffee?  Try this Peppermint Foam instead!
  5. One last peppermint drink!  Grab this Starbuck's Peppermint Mocha copycat recipe and pour it over ice!
  6. If you're a little less experimental or new the game, this Iced Vanilla Latte is the perfect place to start!
  7. This Gingerbread Cold Brew sounds delicious for a fun seasonal twist.
  8. Snickerdoodle Iced Coffee? Yes, please!
  9. I love creme brulee but definitely don't get it very often.  This Burnt Sugar and Cold Brew recipe is an easy way to have it every morning!
  10. Anyone else do cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning?  This Cinnamon Roll iced coffee is super easy and is a perfect treat with a little whipped cream.


Which recipe are you going to try first?  Pick one or two then grab a holiday can glass to make it pretty and festive!

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