Spring Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Spring Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Spring is here and I'm jumping into some spring cleaning and organization.  Here are 12 spring cleaning tips that you don't have on your list yet but definitely should.


Vacuum indoor mats on both sides:

Vacuuming the backside of a rug helps loosen dirt prior to cleaning the top of the rug.


Wipe down the walls:

Wipe down walls with a microfiber cloth from top to bottom to clean off dust and dirt.


Easy Sink Deodorizing:  

Destink the sink by putting some lemon rind sections through the garbage disposal.


Remove Microwave Gunk:

Steam clean the microwave by heating up a glass container with water, lemon sections, and vinegar until boiling.  Let sit for 5 minutes.  Then wipe clean.


Sanitize for your Weekly Grocery Trips:

Wash your reusable grocery bags by removing any inserts and washing cloth bags in the washer with your normal detergent or wiping other bags with warm, soapy water.


Deep Clean the Fridge:

Remove everything including food and all the drawers to start.  Toss anything that's expired.  Soak removable parts in soap water.  Then get to scrubbing the inside with your favorite cleaning solution.  Don't forget to vacuum the grate/coils!  Then grab some clear bins to make cleaning even easier the next time.


Clean your Showerhead:

Put some baking soda and vinegar into a gallon size bag, then secure that over the showerhead to deep clean the gunk and make it shine (and spray!) like new.


Dust ceiling fans:

To keep your ceiling fan running efficiently and from spreading dust, use a microfiber cloth to dust.  Need a boost? Use one of these extender poles.


Wash Your Pillows:

Most pillow can be thrown into your washing machine, but check the label just in case.


Clear out your Closet:

Haven't worn it since last spring?  It's time to donate it and make room for new shopping trips.


Clean your Washing Machine:

Soap, dirt, and even hard water can build up and decrease efficiency of your washing machine.  To clean you can run a cycle with vinegar or use a cleaner like this.



I automate everything possible in my house.  This vacuum and mop combo is a lifesaver.


Is there a must-do task that I forgot?  Tell me in the comments!

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