The Products You Need for Spring Cleaning

The Products You Need for Spring Cleaning

 Spring is (kind of) here, in the midwest at least.  And that has me plotting to open up all the windows and get some spring cleaning and organizing done.  Here's what I'm stocking up on to make it easy.


  1. Microfiber cloths:  You can't have too many of these.  Save same paper towels from the landfill and switch to these for easy cleaning with just water.
  2. Magic Erasers: Lately I've been using these for anything that a microfiber cloth can't take care of.  Perfect for those scruffs on walls and baseboards.
  3. Scrub Daddy: Scrubs so well and doesn't scratch.  We love that it changes texture with temperature, softening with warm water for dishes or staying tough with cool water for when you really need to scrub.
  4. The Pink Stuff:  We could really call this the "TikTok Stuff."  And the list of what it can't clean would probably be shorter.
  5. Jetted Tub Cleaner: All you have to do is fill the tub up and run it for just 15 minutes.
  6. Cleaning Gel: Your keyboard and car vents have never looked better.  And so satisfying.
  7. Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner: Look.  Mine go way too long between cleanings.  This makes it so easy.
  8. Carpet Cleaner: Perfect for rugs and furniture.  We love ours and use it all the time on messes from the kid and dog.
  9. Steam Mop:  We have this version and it makes cleaning grout so, so easy.


Have another product you couldn't live without for spring cleaning this year?  Tell me in the comments!

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