• Spring Cleaning Tips You Should Know

    Spring Cleaning Tips You Should Know
    Spring is here and I'm jumping into some spring cleaning and organization.  Here are 12 spring cleaning tips that you don't have on your list yet but definitely should.   Vacuum indoor mats on both sides: Vacuuming the backside of a rug helps loosen dirt prior to cleaning the top of the rug.   Wipe down the walls: Wipe down walls with a microfiber cloth...
  • The Products You Need for Spring Cleaning

    The Products You Need for Spring Cleaning
     Spring is (kind of) here, in the midwest at least.  And that has me plotting to open up all the windows and get some spring cleaning and organizing done.  Here's what I'm stocking up on to make it easy.   Microfiber cloths:  You can't have too many of these.  Save same paper towels from the landfill and switch to these for easy cleaning with...
  • Bathroom Organization Hacks

    There is nobody out there that can't use a few bathroom organization hacks.  Here's a list of my new favorites.   Use Stacking Shelves Under the sink.  On top of the sink.  In the closet.  Stacking shelves are a super quick way to double your storage space.  I use these under my sink.  And this is perfect for your bathroom counter if you're sort on space.    Add...
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