13 Pro-Tips for Decorating a Rental Bathroom

Decorating a rental bathroom can be challenging since you can't make permanent changes. However, there are plenty of ways to add your personal touch and make the space feel like your own. Here are 20 ideas:

  1. Temporary Wallpaper:  Use removable wallpaper to add patterns or colors to the walls. Many options are easy to apply and remove without damage.
  2. Peel and Stick Tiles:  Install peel-and-stick tiles for a stylish backsplash or to update the look of the shower area.
  3. Bold Shower Curtains:  Choose a bold or patterned shower curtain to add a focal point to the bathroom. This can overpower other features that you'd like to downplay like outdated tile or faucets.
  4. Colorful Towels: Select vibrant or coordinating towels to add a pop of color to the bathroom.
  5. Mirrors with Character:  Replace the standard mirror with one that has a unique frame or shape.
  6. Decorative Hooks:  Install decorative hooks for hanging towels, robes, or even artwork.
  7. Rolling Cart: Perfect for decor and function combined, adding a rolling cart to store stuff you use frequently like makeup, hair products, or cleaning products.
  8. Basket Storage: Use decorative baskets for organizing toiletries and towels.
  9. Refillable Shampoo Bottles: Instantly make your shower look organized and put together with refillable shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles.
  10. Artwork: Use bold artwork to create a focal point or light and airy artwork to make small bathrooms feel larger.
  11. Plants: Plants add a natural touch to any space.  A plant can add color and texture to your bathroom and make the space feel more welcoming and cozy.
  12. Accent Rugs:  Lay down a colorful or patterned rug to add warmth and style.
  13. Scented Diffusers: Create that ultimate spa-like bathroom by adding a scented diffuser or even fresh eucalyptus


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