14 Things to Help you Prepare for the Holidays

Halloween is done and over.  Anyone else running right into the holidays?  If you'll be hosting or cooking for guests for any of the upcoming holidays you're going to want to check out these easy tips and get prepped early.

1. Start with a good declutter.

Everything looks cleaner if it's less cluttered...even if it's not cleaner.  Start the season with a good declutter and you'll benefit all season long from getting rid of stuff.

2. Deep clean early.

Nobody wants to be scrubbing baseboards an hour before guests arrive.  Do your deep cleaning tasks early in the season, so you can focus on the little details the day of hosting.

3. Clean out your fridge.

Don't let your guests dive into the fridge looking for butter and finding that expired yogurt in the back corner.  Empty the fridge, check expiration dates, and give everything a good scrub.

4. Take inventory.

Ever end up with like 4 bottles of pumpkin pie spice?  Yeah, me too.  Take stock of seasonal pantry items now so you can cross stuff off of your grocery list that you already have.

5. Clean the oven.

Your oven is going to get a good workout.  Start by giving it a good cleaning.  This project can take a while, so do it early.

6. Dust off the pretty plates.

If it's been a year or two since you've used the good dishes, make sure to give them a good dusting before you're serving guests.

7. Get prepared for leftovers.

The fridge is cleaned out by now, but you're going to want to make sure that you have plenty of storage containers for leftovers for you and your guests.  These microwavable meal prep containers are perfect!

8. Stock up on the essentials

Tissue, toilet paper, paper towels.  Whatever you use, stock up early so you don't have to make any last minute trips the store.

9. Grab some hosting necessities.

Make sure to have a great speaker for your holiday tunes and some amazing seasonal candles to set the mood.

10. Perk up your serveware

These cheese boards are such a beautiful way to fancy up any appetizers for the upcoming holidays.

11. Stock up on hostess gifts.

You know you'll need at least a few hostess gifts this year.  Stock up on some favorites like wine labels or one of our own dispenser sets with gift wrapping.

12. Make a gift wrapping station.

I'm totally doing this this year.  Instead of wrapping gifts on the floor at the last minute, set up a gift wrapping session that you can keep up all season long.

13. Decorate the main areas.

Make a big splash in the main areas of your home with statement decor.

14. Add small touches to guest rooms.

Then add small touches to guests rooms and bathrooms.  Keep it easy and simple, but impress guests with small dashes of holiday decor in other rooms.

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