5 easy organization projects you can finish this weekend

Who else has a dozen organization projects on their to do list as New Year's Resolutions each January?  We're still settling into the new house after our move last year, so I have a dozen in my head at minimum!


In honor of starting the new year off with a quick win, here are 5 organization projects you can finish this weekend. 


1.  Pick one drawer.  We all have that one junk drawer that just never stays as organized as we want it to.  Empty it all out, throw away the real junk, then start fresh this weekend.


2. Under the kitchen sink.  Grab a few bins (I love these two tiered versions from Amazon).


3. Clean out the fridge.  You know you have some salad dressing that expired in 2020 in there.  Empty it all.  Give it a good wipe down.  And throw away anything expired or that you won't use.


4. Sort through clothing.  Let's face facts.  You aren't going to wear that sweater again.  Make a donate pile and get it out of the house this weekend.  (Do not leave it in the trunk of your car for the next 3 months...it's just not as satisfying).


5. Use some vertical space.  I use these command hooks for everything.  On the backs of cabinet doors.  In the closet.  My latest project was putting a few on the wall next to our washer and dryer to hold the steam mop accessories.  Super quick, easy, and cheap.


What project are you going to start this weekend?



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