Bathroom Shower Organization - 6 Tips for Organizing your Bathroom Shower

Bathroom Shower Organization - 6 Tips for Organizing your Bathroom Shower

Here are some simple ideas for getting organized in the bathroom.

Use Vertical Space

The best way to avoid wasted space? Use vertical space that is normally ignored.

Shower Head Caddy

This Simple human caddy is sleek with amazing features like adjustable shelves with movable dividers.   

Add an Extra Shower Rod

This trick is genius. Hang a second tension shower rod in your shower and use the hooks to hang product. Bonus points for making it look super luxe with this black matte version.

Mesh Shower Organizer

This mesh shower organizer has 7 pockets and hooks that you can hang on your existing shower rod.

Use the Corners too

Corner Shower Organizer

These corner organizers look nice and modern but adding them to the corner adds even more storage space for you.


Black Shower Hooks

These black shower hooks are reasonably priced and really modern looking.

Heavy Duty Shower Hooks

These shower hooks have a button that helps you get really good suction so no more hooks losing suction in the middle of the night and waking up to a mess in the morning.  PS. Check out those good reviews!

No Suction Shower Hooks

Want to avoid suction all together? These hooks come in two sizes and colors and look beautiful.


Make it Pretty

Adding some design components is going to be the perfect finishing touch.

Teak Bench

This bench bring a nice warm, natural element into any shower and is perfect for storing towels or a plant to make your bathroom feel like a spa. 

Refillable Shampoo Bottles

From Heartland Lettering, these bottle are the perfect finishing touch after you spend all that time organizing.

This black set is simple, but unifies your whole shower.

This bamboo set brings a more natural touch into your shower.

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