Cute Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

A good organization system is one of my favorite things.  But it has to look good right?  Here are some of my favorite cute ways to organize your bathroom that you're going to want to copy right now.

 Countertop Storage

I hate clutter on my countertops, but sometimes you just need a few things out of the drawers and within reach.  This two tiered shelf is gorgeous and perfect for so many decor styles.  There's even a version in white!

 Wire Baskets

I love these wire baskets for just about anything.  They look great for storing toilet paper and decor or extra towels in a guest bathroom.

Countertop Jars

Then add these cute custom jars from Heartland Lettering to really wow your guests.  It's super handy to have cotton ball and q-tips on the counter, especially in the guest bathroom where they're usually not easily visible.

Ladder Storage

This ladder is so cute! Especially for smaller bathrooms with no extra shelving.  Love the greenery for decor and functional storage for towels.

Acrylic Turntable

This turntable is perfect for under the sink storage with extra height for makeup and lotion bottles.

Coordinating Under Sink Storage

There is nothing better than having your under sink storage looking good.  It's so easy to throw junk under there and have it lost forever.  I recommend grabbing some coordinating storage bins for everything from lotion and makeup to first aid supplies.
These bins are shown for diapers...but they'd also work perfectly for separating stuff like first aid supplies, eye care, travel supplies, and backstock.

Bamboo Shower Storage


If you're lacking shelf space in your shower, I love the next two solutions.  This bamboo seat/shelf combo adds some natural beauty to your space and is really functional too.

Black Shower Shelves

We put a gorgeous niche in our new shower when we built our home this past year and still don't have enough space for bottles and soap!  I love these shower shelves so much better than than the old school over the shower head version.  And the black is trendy and modern.

Coordinating Shampoo Bottles

Then add some labeled bottles to those beautiful black shelves.  Our best selling bamboo version adds a beautiful natural touch to your organization.


These projects are all so easy that your bathroom will be organized in no time! Pick your favorite and enjoy!
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