Favorite Amazon Kitchen Must Haves

The kitchen is one of the hardest places to organize for our family.  There are so many people in and out that for us it just nevers stays quite how I want it.  My solution is always more supplies!  Keep reading for my favorite Amazon must haves for organizing your kitchen.


First of all...why do we have so many water bottles?!  And why are they always a mess in my cupboard?  This water bottle shelf is the perfect solution to keep the whole family organized.

I have been seeing these everywhere lately!  And for good reason.  Look at how  much space you save when you stack silverware in this drawer tray instead of putting it side by side!  We currently have a bamboo tray that needs an upgrade and this is at the top of my list for the replacement.  And for $10?  Can't beat it!



I use these sliding drawers in our bathroom and kitchen because I'm all about using that vertical space.  One drawer doubles your usable space under the sink and keeps everything in its place.


Let's talk containers.  In the pantry.  In the cupboards.  Wherever you store food, you need to keep it contained to keep it organized.  I love a good set of clear bins so I can easily see how much of a certain product I have left.  AKA we quit buying 5 million granola bars because I can see we have enough left to last us 6 more months.


Last, but not least, let's organize your sink.  Heartland Lettering is proud to be a small business on Amazon.  Grab our best sellers here and take advantage of your free prime shipping.


What's on top of your must have list to organize your kitchen?



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