How to Get your Home Ready for Guests

After 2020, so many of us are excited to open our home to guests again as the holiday seasons gets closer and closer.  Pick a few of these super simple tips to wow your guests during any time of year.
Arrange some snacks.  Look, I am no Top Chef.  Grab some ready made snacks and treats at the grocery store and lay them out on a nice plate or dish.

Pick up some fresh flowers. There's nothing better than fresh flowers.  Put some in the guest room, bathroom, or in high traffic areas where they'll be appreciated by everyone.

Stock the guest room with extra pillows and blankets.  One of my favorite parts about staying in a hotel is having 40 pillows all to myself!  Recreate that for your guests by loading up the bed with extra pillows and blankets.

Set out extra toiletries.  If your guests forget toothpaste, tampons, or q-tips, they'll be so thankful that you have some out where they can find it easily.

Share your WiFi password.  Grab a dry erase sign on Etsy (like this one here) and hang it on your wall so guests can hook up to WiFi.

Have a suitcase stand.  How unexpected is this little touch?  Make packing and unpacking easy for your guests (and save their backs in the process) by setting up a suitcase stand.  Check out this version that folds and has a bonus shoe rack.


Now get to enjoying your visitors!



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