New Year, New Project: 2022 Organization Trends

I have officially declared last week a practice week to the new year.  Here at Heartland Lettering we're starting off the New Year right this week with the top organizing trends for 2022.


New Year, New Project right?  Start with one of these for a big impact this year!


1.  Bamboo.

Bamboo is still having a moment.  And there's no doubt as to why.  Functional, environmentally friendly, and gorgeous.   Use it in anything from food storage in the pantry, to ziploc organization (super trendy!), to cutlery storage with a modern twist.


For the truly bamboo inspired space, don't forget our shampoo bottles to add a natural touch to your bathroom.


Bamboo Shampoo Bottles


2. Show off your spices.

I love this trend because I hate digging through my spice drawer. These clear containers are perfecting for decanting and labeling your spices so you don't end up with 4 jars of paprika because you can't find what you need before you order groceries.


3. Sleek fridge storage

An organized fridge means less waste. And these airtight containers have a drain tray to so you can avoid soggy strawberries.


Have a favorite organizing trend this year?  Tell me all about it over on Instagram!



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