Soap dispenser with closed pump laying on a bathroom counter

How to Open a Stubborn Shampoo Bottle that Won't Twist Open

Struggling to get that shampoo bottle to twist open? Here's an easy hack.

  • Open the dispenser bottle and remove the pump. Rinse the pump off if it has soap, shampoo, lotion or similar product on it so you can get a better grip.
  • Hold the pump as shown below with one hand on the base of the pump and one hand on the top. The added grip on the bottom portion of the pump will help it pop right open.

  • Twist in the "open" direction (this is often marked on the top of the pump). This should do the trick!
  • If it's still stuck, increase your grip by holding the pump base and lid with something like a kitchen towel or rubber gloves and try again.
We open a lot of soap dispenser pumps around here and this trick works 99% of the time.

This is also why we prime our pumps on all Heartland Lettering dispenser orders. When you buy a pump bottle from us, behind the scenes we've taken the time to pop them open before shipping so that you can immediately enjoy your items! Customer experience is our #1 priority and this is one of a few ways we aim to surprise and delight.

Featured image credit: Andrzej Gdula

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