Should You Use Glass Shampoo Bottles?

Should You Use Glass Shampoo Bottles?

There are a lot of beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing glass shampoo bottles on the market... but unfortunately, that doesn't make them safe. I know, it's a bummer.

Why You Should Reconsider Using Glass Shampoo Bottles

Glass bottles can easily slip from your hands and shatter on the hard surface of your shower floor, leaving behind sharp glass shards that pose a serious risk of injury. The last thing you want while getting ready to take on the day or unwinding in the shower at the end of one is to hurt yourself. Plus, having to clean up a thousand tiny glass shards from your tub area is a real pain we don't wish on anyone.

Safe Alternatives to Glass Shampoo Dispensers

But what if there was a safer alternative that not only reduces the risk of broken glass in your shower but also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom?

Here at Heartland Lettering, we only use plastic shatterproof dispenser bottles for the shower. Our shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash container sets are designed specifically for use in the bath, while adding the attractive, minimalist look and functional pump you might find in glass options.

Glass Dispensers Are a Great Option for the Sink!

Don't get us wrong, we love glass dispensers. In fact, we carry gorgeous amber and clear glass bottles for hand soap, dish soap and lotion for bathrooms and kitchens. In this context, glass can be wonderful. While the sink area is also slippery and there's always the possibility of dropping your dispenser if you're handling it under running water, at least an accident with broken glass would be contained in your sink, well away from your bare feet and legs.

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To prevent accidents while showering, we hope you'll consider switching to a refillable plastic or silicone shampoo bottle that won't break if dropped. You can also place a non-slip mat in your shower to reduce the likelihood of dropping your shampoo bottle in the first place.

Ready to replace a set of glass bottles with a safer plastic alternative? Grab a new set here.

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