White Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas You Don't Want to Miss

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with these farmhouse-inspired white decor ideas. From white shiplap and clawfoot tubs to sleek sconce lighting, there are plenty of ways to give your bathroom a cozy yet stylish makeover.


Incorporate Exposed Beams and Shiplap

If you want to create a true farmhouse look in your bathroom, then you definitely need exposed beams and shiplap! The combination of the two creates an inviting, cozy atmosphere that will make any bathroom feel like a peaceful oasis. Paint the exposed beams and shiplap white to give your space a bright and airy feeling. To complete the look, add some sconce lighting or rustic fixtures to bring out those farmhouse vibes!


Hang a Pendant Chandelier or Galvanized Pendant Light.

Hang a pendant chandelier or galvanized pendant light for a warm but modern look. A good farmhouse bathroom has traditional elements without sacrificing style and elegance. Hanging a glass or metal pendant light is the perfect way to do just that. Not only does it look great, but it also will provide plenty of illumination when you need to get ready in your bathroom! Choose something that blends with the overall aesthetic of your space for a truly stunning effect. This copper chandelier from Amazon is gorgeous.


Set Up a Clawfoot Tub with Contrasting Wall Colors. 

Clawfoot tubs are classic elements of a farmhouse-style bathroom. Set up your clawfoot tub by contrasting it with the wall colors behind it. To make it stand out, choose bright white for the walls and use light grey or blue for the backsplash around the tub. You can also add a few colorful accents like glass tiles or patterns to bring in hints of luxury and style. With an interesting blend of color, this look will evoke a sense of peaceful tranquility while also keeping your decor modern and contemporary.


Incorporate Wood Accent Pieces for Rustic Vibes.

To really capture a farmhouse feel in your bathroom, it’s important to focus on crafting the perfect rustic vibe. To do this, you can add wood accents such as wooden countertops or floating shelves. Additionally, using raw materials such as exposed beams and unfinished planks is an excellent way to tap into timeless farmhouse style without looking cheesy or dated. This look works especially well in front of classic white bathrooms and will help to create that countryside-inspired atmosphere you're after.


Enhance the Space with Wall Sconces and Track Lighting Options.

For a modern farmhouse bathroom, sconce lighting and track lighting are a great way to enhance the space. Sconces provide an accent to the walls as well as provide task lighting. Track lighting can be used to feature certain items such as mirrors, artwork or decor pieces. You can also use multiple layers of light for different effects and functions such as general bright light for everyday tasks or dimmed light for relaxing baths and showers.


Add Farmhouse Style Accents.

Wicker baskets are a great way to add storage and texture to a white farmhouse bathroom. Use them to store towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. This white set below, is a unique and modern option.

Pick the Perfect Wall Art.

Picking the perfect wall art for a modern farmhouse bathroom is all about finding pieces that balance the clean lines and modern style of the space with the warmth and rustic charm of the farmhouse aesthetic. Consider pieces that incorporate natural textures and materials, such as wood, metal, or woven fabrics. Look for artwork that features neutral colors or subtle pops of color that complement the overall color scheme of the bathroom. Consider incorporating vintage-style pieces, such as old botanical prints or antique mirrors, to add a touch of nostalgia to the space. It's also important to think about the scale of the artwork and how it will fit in with the other elements of the room. Large pieces can make a bold statement, while smaller pieces can be grouped together to create a gallery wall. Ultimately, the perfect wall art for a modern farmhouse bathroom is one that adds character and personality to the space while complementing the overall design aesthetic.


Incorporate White Subway Tile.

White subway tile is a classic choice for any farmhouse bathroom. It's a clean, timeless look that works with any style, and it pairs well with vintage-style fixtures and accessories.


Choose a Glass Shower Enclosure.

A glass shower enclosure is a great way to add modern style to a white farmhouse bathroom. It's a clean, timeless look that works well with vintage-style.

Then make sure to pick a set of refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles, so your shower continues to look clean and organized.

Vintage-Style Faucets

Vintage-style faucets are a great way to add character and charm to a white farmhouse bathroom. Whether you opt for a simple, classic design or a more elaborate look, it's a great way to add interest to the space.

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