My goal is to help busy moms start and improve their Etsy Shops. As a busy mom myself, I know that we are ALWAYS short on time. So I want to give you some resources that will help you start and run your shop. Click here to see what resources I have for you!

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I know you want to make more sales on Etsy!  And I’m ready to help you start getting consistent sales as quickly as possible.  Click here to see how we can work together to make your shop successful!

My Favorite Books For Entrepreneurs

Speaking of busy moms…it’s not like we have time to read a million different business books.  So I want to recommend the few that I think should be required reading for mompreneurs!  Even if you have to listen to the audiobook (sometimes free through your local library), you should put these next on your ever growing reading list!


You need to think of Etsy as running a business.  And as a business, your priority is to make money.  Not later down the road, but now.  Right now.  Otherwise you are going to end up putting hours and hours of work into a “hobby” that you never benefit from.  The easiest way to get a handle on this from the beginning is by reading Profit First.  I started this system last fall and wish I would’ve done it ages ago.  When you get an idea of what your shop finances are looking like, you and your family are going to benefit from Etsy so much quicker.
Click here for the Profit First book.


If step one of Etsy is getting your finances under control. Step two is letting your creativity fly! Big Magic will inspire you to do just that! It’s a light and encouraging book that will have you ready to sit down and capture those ideas to get your shop going!

Click here for Big Magic.