Farmhouse Bottle Bundles – White & Clear


Easily organize and coordinate your whole home with these bestseller bundles!  Choose your bundle and material and be one step closer to your organized dream home!  This listing features our modern farmhouse font.

Bathroom Bundle includes:

  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body shower bottles (in plastic)
  • Hands and lotion sink bottles (in glass or plastic)
  • Q-tip jar (in glass)

Kitchen Bundle includes:

  • Hands, dishes, and lotion bottles (in glass or plastic)
  • Olive oil and vinegar bottles (in clear glass)

Whole Home Bundles includes:

  • Two (2) shampoo, conditioner, and body sets (perfect for the master and guest baths – in plastic)
  • Glass hands and dishes bottles (in glass)
  • Olive oil and vinegar bottles (in glass)